Check Out My New Book!

Four years ago, I lost my beloved Husky Azul.  In my grief, I could not find a book that really helped.  They focused on dogs going to heaven or were more focused on the technicalities of grief.  So, I decided to write my own book!  Collection of Amazing Animals highlights a different animal in every chapter.  You can read through others and my own stories of beloved creatures.  Some of them focus on grief or how to work through the process while others look at the lives of the animals.  I did not want to create a book that was depressing but rather shine light on the amazing gift we have with animals in our lives.  It is a book for people who animals have decided to adopt.  Please check it out at by clicking this link Collection of Amazing Animals.  It is available in Kindle format and I hope that you will find enjoyment in the fun stories about dogs, cats, bird, a rat and others.


Adventures of traveling with turtles

I am switching teaching jobs since I found one closer to home. Today I cleaned out my classroom and that meant my turtles were coming home. Water turtles make the most calming classroom pets! My kids love listening to their waterfall filter and the turtles watch their every move.

Moving my awesome turtles and their giant tank is a bit of work. I bribed my brother with food to help me. Not too far into our drive Hermione decided she had been in a bucket long enough! There was some fit throwing and attempts to climb out of the bucket. My brother held her for a minute to calm her down.



Either she liked being held…or more likely detested it. Still she calmed down the rest of the trip. Now they are nestled safely in my second bedroom until school starts.

What was your favorite classroom pet growing up?

Turtle babies

The other morning I was running late to work, a bad habit, when one of my neighbors was yelling my name. Reluctantly, I went over to see what the problem was. A mama snapping turtle was laying eggs in her flower bed!

Thankfully I took the time to be even later to work watching nature at its finest. I’m pretty sure the turtle was not very impressed with her audience. We were getting some dirty looks. Then again, I wouldn’t want someone watching me lay eggs either! I did some research and the babies should be hatching in about 50 days. We will be on turtle watch to see if we can get a look as they head to the creek! It amazes me that newborn turtles can find their way without their parents. Pictures will be posted if I’m blessed with seeing the snapping babies.

Bug Rescue

On this sticky, hot summer day my mom and I decided to do some shopping. After discovering some unique treasures we stopped at a pizza place for lunch. We had just sat at the table when my mom gave me a weird look. This little beetle had flown off of my jacket! He must have rode in from outside.

His shell was gorgeous and reminded me of a rainbow. Our whole meal the bug chilled on the window blind enjoying the AC. After some discussion, we decided the bug needed to leave with us so no one would squish him. After a strange look from our waitress, here is our little guy being set free outside.


I am so glad we took the time to set our new friend free!